Cartier: Men Can Be Elegant Again

Cartier Santos de Cartier Skeleton Noctambule Watch
The time when sports watches were big enough to hold your coffee cup is over now and at Cartier they even go one step further: men can be elegant again. At the SIHH Cartier launched the brand new Santos Chronograph of which the complication is operated with a button on the left side of the case, as well as with the crown itself.
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Watch this trend: the cushion shaped case

With SIHH behind us and big fairs like BaselWorld coming up, we gain more insight in the watch trends for 2016/2017. Blue and brown are still the most used colors in many watch collections, so that’s no news. But what we do see more often, are cushion shaped cases. These square cases with rounded angles are very masculine because of their size, but refined at the same time.
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Editor's opinion


Watchspotting is my thing and I do it all the time and wherever I am. When I'm watching TV - I spot Charlie Sheen wearing a Patek Philippe in a repeat of Two and a Half Man and I find myself chuckling, not at the corny jokes but because of the fact that I'm spotting a Patek - when I'm eating in a restaurant - to the serious displeasure of my dinner companion who is feeling neglected - when I'm on a plane - the fellow passenger can feel eyes on him, but strangely enough on his wrist rather than the back of his neck.
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