Time to change and rock at Tidemann

Tom Andre (left) and Lars Christian Tidemann

Brothers Tom Andre and Lars Christian Tidemann are the men behind the watch store Tidemann Urmakermester in the heart of Oslo. ‘0024 WatchWorld’ caught up with them and their ambassador Hank von Hell. Right in time to find out that Stockholm based Nymans Ur 1851 acquired 51% of the ownership of Tidemann.

As of Thursday June 16th of this year, Swedish Nymans Ur 1851 is the majority shareholder in Oslo based Tidemann. As both parties have a solid experience in the business the partnership between Nymans Ur 1851 and Tidemann is one that starts with great confidence. The acquisition was an investment opportunity presented to Nymans Ur 1851 CEO and owner Olof Larsson some time ago. Larsson strongly believes the integration will contribute on a number of levels. The cooperation is founded on a good structure and know-how and Larsson points out that Tidemann will keep its name. The collection of Tidemann will without a doubt reflect the Nymans Ur 1851 portfolio. When we met with Tom Andre Tidemann in Oslo talks and negotiations were well underway. Needless to say he couldn’t elaborate on the upcoming event and so we talked about other things like the current economic situation in Norway the actor and musician Hank von Hell who is their ambassador, very good friend and now also a dedicated watch fan.

Tom: “Norway has a strong economy but we always had to travel to Nymans Ur 1851 in Stockholm to buy the best brands. That’s a pity because Oslo is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and it’s developing rapidly. The same applies to the interest for exclusive watches and other luxury goods.”

How did the partnership with rock legend Hank von Hell come about?
Tom: “Hank has been a very good friend to both me and my brother Lars Christian who is a watchmaker. I have also been a musician and played the guitar for many years, both classical guitar and electric guitar in heavy rock bands. I didn’t become as famous as Hank who fronted the punk and rock band Turbonegro for many years. Lars Christian who played drums in his youth was also a big fan of Turbonegro so the three of us share the same taste in music. Hank was interested in watches and our passion and knowledge and that proved contagious. He is very open minded, always willing to learn more and becomes easily interested in new things. I strongly believe watches, music and art are linked.”

So Hank, where does your love for watches come from?
Hank: “Because a well-constructed movement is like music. When all the parts work together something sweet arises.”

In the play ‘Sällskapsresan’ you perform the role of Ole. Isn’t he a little gadget crazy?
Hank: “Yes he is! I wear three watches simultaneously in the play: a Breitling, a Rolex and a Piaget. Good fun! My personal watch is a Vacheron Constantin Presige 1972. I think it suits me well because I was born in 1972. And I have a sleek Piaget Altiplano on my wishlist. I already tried it on at Tidemann’s.”

Britta Rossander

The author Britta Rossander

Britta Rossander was the first journalist in Sweden to write about watches and timekeeping. She takes care of everything that concerns this area and travels internationally to visit all the different watch manufacturers. She loves the job and says the business has so many interesting sides to explore. Britta is also a big fan of all the inventors in the watchmaking industry. Britta joined the our team at the start the 0024 Watchworld Scandinavia.