Ball Watch’s ambassador Hervé Barmasse above the clouds

Hervé Barmasse is latest ambassador of Ball Watch

Building rugged watches without testing them in the great outdoors is silly when you think about it. Ball Watch has the same idea and therefore mountaineer Hervé Barmasse is the brand’s latest ambassador who wears his Ball Watch wherever he ventures.

Tough watches need to be tough outside the testing facilities of the manufacture where they are conceived. A laboratory, however advanced, can never replace the awesome power of mother nature. Ball Watch understands this and from that viewpoint stems the decision to let Hervé Barmasse in the brand’s Explorers Club. Barmasse was born at the foot of the Matterhorn and he represents a fourth generation of mountain guides.

Barmasse’s history is as tragic as surprising. Destined to become a professional skier, he suffered an accident that injured his physique forcing him to abandon this discipline. But the mountains were not going anywhere and waiting for him. Hervé went ahead without looking back. Currently, Hervè is the only climber who has conquered the 1,500 meters to the south wall of the Matterhorn alone, and the only person in the world that has established a new route for this purpose. He has conquered routes considered impossible: Beka Brakay Chhok in Pakistan (6.970 meters), and the granite walls of Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia.

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