Schaap en Citroen pre-owned boutique opent in Rotterdam

Na het succes van de Schaap en Citroen Pre-Owned Boutiques in Amsterdam en Antwerpen, wordt ook Rotterdam verrijkt met een betrouwbaar adres voor gecertificeerde pre-owned en vintage horloges. Amsterdam was al bekend met de uitstekende collectie van pre-owned horloges van Schaap en Citroen, maar nu wordt ook Rotterdam verrijkt met
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Editor's opinion

When old is the new new

I guess you have heard it already. The Swiss watch exports are suffering. Hong Kong and Macau are paralyzed and the Swiss manufacturers are stunned by export numbers that are as low as they were in midst of the financial crisis in 2009. The novelties on offer at Basel World 2016 did reflect on the slump and several of the luxury watch brands offered more steel watches that before.
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Vintage watches: the Heuer Autavia

The interest of vintage watches has never been bigger than it is today. And while the Newmans, Nautilus’ and tourbillons keep breaking records, collectors start to look elsewhere for that new interesting timepiece. One of these interesting news is the Heuer Autavia. When Jack Heuer designed the Autavia, he wanted to create a stopwatch that could be used by motor heads as well as pilots of all trades. The name is a play with the two words AUTo and AVIAtion, according to Jack Heuer.
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