This past January H. Moser & Cie. entered the smart watch debate with a dumb watch. Dumb as in: not linked to a smart phone and/or app. Quite a smart mechanism, nonetheless, because the movement that is manufactured in Schaffhausen works fully autonomously and with great accuracy; even in places where batteries can’t be charged.

h-moser-cie-swiss-alp-watch-06Moser wanted to make a statement with the Swiss Alp Watch: “We won’t deviate from our course; we remain true to the watchmaking tradition. That is what we do, and we’re good at it.” The watch that reinforced the message was a model that, with respect to name an appearance, borrowed heavily from the Apple Watch and that generated polarising reactions; for or against, there were no other flavours. Now there’s an update, the Swiss Alp Watch S. The update in question being the smoky-blue dial. The 38.2mm x 44mm white gold case remains the same and neither have there been any changes to the manually wound manufacture HMC 324 movement with 4-day power reserve, specially shaped Moser cog wheels and easy-to-exchange Moser escapement. Apple couldn’t get away with that.


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Lex Stolk

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Lex Stolk studied Journalism in Utrecht and it was during his time as a student he developed a passion for mechanical watches. He has spent his entire career in the publishing industry working for a wide range of publications before entering the watch world professionally seven years ago. His work for several watch publications made it possible for him to combine his love for both watches and magazines.