Antoine Griezmann is now a HYT ambassador

Antoine Griezmann and HYT share a similar story and identical values

No-one can achieve the impossible… But talent gives free rein to ambition. This could be Antoine Griezmann’s motto. Before being appointed an HYT ambassador the french forward, who plays for Atlético Madrid and also for the French national team, was already a personal customer since 2012.

For five years, Antoine Griezmann, considered to be one of the most brilliant players of his generation, has demonstrated his passion for HYT with the discretion of the most sincere and discerning collector, purchasing unique pieces not for what they convey, but for what they are: an intense mix of performance and passion.

identical values

Antoine Griezmann and HYT share a similar story and identical values. Both are young players in their respective fields. Both moved from the mountains to make a name for themselves amongst some of the greatest in their industries, becoming known for their innovative style and dynamism. Both are driven by the desire for challenge and an unshakeable faith in performance and effort.

the first time I saw an HYT, in 2012, I thought to myself, this team has really done something out of the ordinary, the fluid time display always reminds me of an energy gauge, like the one I have to manage every day as a sportsman. – Antoine Griezmann

Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT, continues: “in Antoine we have an embodiment of the HYT philosophy. He is a paradigm of the kind of collector we attract: young, independent, discerning, demanding and passionate. Unbeknown to us Antoine was a fan of ours for years.. His acceptance of our invitation to officially represent the brand is an act of heartfelt recognition which has moved us profoundly. He perfectly exemplifies the desire to challenge everything that guides everything we do”. To underscore this commitment between HYT and Antoine Griezmann, an exclusive piece dedicated to him will be unveiled in the autumn.

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