The IWC brand has featured many models with a feminine design

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Feminine design

This perfectly describes the customer group targeted by most exhibitors at the latest SIHH: female watch-wearers who also buy their own watches. Within the IWC brand – with a largely male-dominated customer base – there was some surprise at the success of the mid-sized Portofino model on its release. Women adored the watch, and sales climbed rapidly. This year was the turn of a mid-sized pilot’s watch, the advertising video showing a professional female wrist in amongst the uniformed pilots.

The brand’s conventional collections have featured many models with a feminine design, which was carefully emphasized in their presentations. Because a winder is seen as aesthetically disruptive to the elegance of the form, while quartz movements continue to find some application the majority employ automatic mechanisms. Most beautiful of all was the Piaget timepiece jewel with large marquis-cut diamonds, a black satin strap and manual movement. The haute horlogerie feminization has started!

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