Macallan X Urwerk Flask: Ad fundum!

Macallan X Urwerk Flask

Thanks to Urwerk you can now enjoy a good Scotch in very complicated fashion. The Macallan X Urwerk Flask is a design object, intricately composed of 156 parts, critically usable and highly collectible. Wait ‘till you get a taste of that…

It was the Scots who came to the Swiss. The Macallan wanted to do something truly unexpected and innovative and they could think of only one partner who could turn this vision into reality, avant-garde Swiss watchmaker Urwerk! The Macallan X Urwerk Flask is what happens when two masters, in different yet complementary fields, unite to create something beyond the ordinary.

Twin whisky tanks

Macallan X Urwerk FlaskEach of the limited edition flasks produced capture a moment in time and are the result of an exquisitely creative and technical process. The Macallan and Urwerk have transformed a traditionally small and simple everyday object into a machined aluminium, titanium and stainless steel work of art, presented in a custom design box and loaded with intriguing features such as two two titanium tanks enabling two different whisky expressions to be carried at once, and cask indicators that show the age and wood type to act as subtle reminders of the spirits inside.

Watch the short film

All this reading makes thirsty and therefore we suggest watching this short film. Cheers!

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