Speake Marin Brown Serpent Calendar: An odd and original creature

Speake Marin Brown Serpent Calendar

Two years ago, Speake Marin – the brand of Peter Speake Marin from Essex – brought a touch of colour to its dials. This year, the Swiss brand unveils the new Brown Serpent Calendar featuring a curved gold-gilded steel date hand and multi layered, satin finished dial with enlarged calendar chapter ring. Give Peter a cigar!

The new Speake Marin Brown Serpent Calendar is a limited edition of 28 pieces so you have to hurry up if you want to ‘light one up’. The new Serpent with its titanium case, is an updated version of one of most successful and iconic models, the Serpent Calendar which was redesigned from the ground up. But the new Serpent retained the distinctive identity of the original watch.

The serpent and the snail

Speake Marin worked on the design of the Serpent’s dial, the case and the hands. And now there’s a new version with a brown snailing hours chapter ring and oversized calendar indication. “The original Serpent was the first calendar watch I made and it quickly became one of the most popular Speake Marin timepieces,” says Peter Speake Marin. “The idea is simple and goes back over a century to early pocket watches that used a curved hand to differentiate the date from the time indications. The Serpent Calendar now brings a fresh look to this classic design.”

Oddly original

Since the Serpent is a Speake Marin watch all the elements of a Speake Marin watch are present. A multi-layered, bright white dial finds its place in a 42mm Piccadilly case in titanium. The Serpent Calendar indicates central hours and minutes with blued hands and the date with a bright golden sculptured calendar hand. A bit odd is the date ring that starts the month at 1:30 hrs. Odd and original that is as it gives the watch a graphic twist. The new Brown Serpent calendar is powered by a Vaucher 3002 automatic movement and limited to just 28 pieces.

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