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The architecture of DeWitt’s skeleton remains deliberately strong

The new DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon has that unmistakable architectural quality you see in every DeWitt creation. At the heart lies the calibre DW8028s that uses age-old, recognized and highly reliable technical parameters in its construction such as a variable-inertia balance, a 44° angle escapement and 72 hours power reserve.

The calibre is entirely produced in-house and is equipped with a Swiss anchor escapement and a spiral made out of an unbreakable, self-compensating, non-oxidizing, anti-magnetic alloy and sequenced at 2.5 Hz. The perfect homogeneity and incredibly precise flat rolling of the Hairspring (0,0001 mm) guarantee an extremely high precision to the mechanism. The balance, as well as the escape wheel and the anchor are made of 18-carat yellow gold. Architectural strength and finesse.

The Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon does not intend to compete with the ultra-skinny and fragile skeletons where as much material as possible was taken out of the construction. The architecture of DeWitt’s skeleton remains deliberately strong and is therefore very well balanced with the design of the case which features 48 imperial columns. A typical feature of practically all DeWitt masterpieces.

The carved-out main plate, a sand-brushed nickel silver base with blue PVD surface finishing. Meandering across the movement, the lucky observer will suddenly land on a stunning skeletonised “W” logo positioned at 9 o’clock. The play on depths, perspectives and layers is a typical feature of DeWitt designs and the Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon is no exception.

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