Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000

For 30 years now G-Shocks have been the definition of virtually indestructible watches. Master of G is the top of the collection and the Gulfmaster is the G-Shock that is particularly suited to the water. The main feature of this new Gulfmaster (€ 799) is without a doubt the quad-sensor technology that keeps a close eye on everything surrounding the watch.

The G-Shock has a sensor for the atmospheric pressure, the temperature and the compass direction, as well as water depth sensors. Seaworthy, because the case is made of carbon fibre and the supple, strong and comfortable strap is made of polyurethane. Suitable for men and women who work for the Coast Guard, the Navy and in search & rescue, but also highly functional for serious amateur water rats who want to monitor the changing weather conditions in real-time, combined with the tide display. And of course you can just wear the watch to look interesting during the annual company on the lake.


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Marco Postma

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