MB&F Expands Its Collection With Incredible HM9

With MB&F we are already used that extraordinary is normal with them, yet each time they know how to surpass expectations, and translate new concepts in watches that are breathtakingly beautiful. This is also the case with the watch they launched today, the HM9.

The watch pays tribute to aviation and automotive design from the 1950’s and is designed by a friend of the brand, Eric Giroud, who has already penned down many of MB&F’s watches, including the HM6 Space Pirate from 2014, which shows a similarly smooth and complex case. The titanium case of the HM9 features three ‘pods,’ of which two contain a balance wheel, which is visible through the cover of sapphire glass. The main body contains a differential that combines the input of both to a stable rate and transfers it through a gear train to the hands on the dial.

MB&F will launch the HM9 in two versions, which both are equipped with the titanium case yet differ in other subtle details. The HM9 Flow features a speedometer-style dial and has a rose gold plate movement. The HM9 Air is fitted with a Flieger-style dial, while its movement has gotten a black treatment. Both are limited to just 33 pieces, and the price is set at CHF 168.000,- plus VAT.


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