Here at 0024 we are in the business of time. And right now we really hate time. We want to turn back time because our founding editor Karel Hubert has passed away Thursday, April 16 at the early age of 65 and we really, really miss him. It was his own choice to stop his time here on earth and we respect that. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to go back in time to be able to listen to his incredible anecdotes, his snappy one-liners or hearing him talk about an obscure artist he discovered recently.

Karel was quite fickle, but also a charming rebel and a charismatic character. He set his own course and he was a curious man with incredible knowledge. A homo universalis who knew all about there is to know about music, the good and bad things in life and the sense and nonsense of watches and timekeeping of course. Karel had the ability to make you laugh out loud, cry, make you wiser and even angry with the words he wrote. Luckily for all of us he wrote millions of words. So every time we miss him we can pick up one of his many books or articles or find something online and stop time for a while. Thanks Karel for all your words and being you.

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Lex Stolk

The author Lex Stolk

Lex Stolk studied Journalism in Utrecht and it was during his time as a student he developed a passion for mechanical watches. He has spent his entire career in the publishing industry working for a wide range of publications before entering the watch world professionally seven years ago. His work for several watch publications made it possible for him to combine his love for both watches and magazines.