Ressence Type 5G: aquadynamic deep-diving sea turtle design

Ressence Type 5G
The organic design of the Type 5 takes its inspiration from aquadynamic sea turtles

Statement: the Ressence Type 5 is the only mechanical watch that is perfectly readable underwater regardless of the viewing angle. Fact: the organic design of the Type 5 takes its inspiration from aquadynamic sea turtles. Another fact: the grey Type 5G is the latest version in stylish grey and titanium.

With an all-titanium structure, true underwater capability and its all grey look, the Ressence Type 5G is the ideal watch for the design conscious diver, whether he’s in the water or on dry land around town. Belgian based Ressence – the name is an acronym serving as a maxim establishing the brand’s mission statement: The Renaissance of the Essential – is the brainchild of industrial designer Benoît Mintiens. For the first time in history he introduced a liquid inside a mechanical watch named Type 3. The latest addition to the Ressence stable, Type 5 is based on Type 3 but is an evolved and more sporty watch – a sea turtle for the wrist. Same as the Type 3 the upper part of the watch is filled with oil, 37.5 ml to be exact. Invisible to the eye, the fluid eliminates the refraction between the glass and the dial.

Oil and pressure

Ressence Type 5G
Type 5G by night

The presence of the oil under the glass of the watch creates a never before seen “drop of water” effect. Regardless of the angle at which the dial is viewed, its readability is optimal, even underwater. On the Type 5 the oil also guarantees protection against overpressure since the laws of hydraulics state that a liquid cannot be compressed. The oil compensates for pressure underwater and so an over-sized case and thick glass is no longer needed. To maintain the oil-filled upper part of the watch leak free, the horological complication module made with 142 components called ROCS, is hermetically separated from the automatic base movement by a titanium membrane. Since the physical connection between the two is no longer possible, an ingenious device based on magnetism, with micro magnets placed on either side of the membrane was developed.

Sophisticated shockproof toolwatch

Unique to the Type 5 is the shock absorber. The magnetic transmission from the base movement to the ROCS ensures that in the event of a hefty lateral shock, the micro can momentarily decouple. To compensate for this phenomenon a hydraulic shock absorber was built in. It is a small disk that starts to turn very quickly in the event of a shock and acts like a turbine. The oil is sucked in and can only escape by the microscopic space left between the discs. The whole ROCS is then slowed, which prevents it from being disconnected from the base movement. The shock absorber is manifested visually by the rapid rotation of the runner disc integrated in the dial. The Type 5G is a very sophisticated toolwatch in every respect. It’s able to withstand extreme conditions in an extremely well designed manner. The titanium discs, rings and bezel of the Type 5G are all micro-billed and amplify the visual impact of the all grey look and the contrasting extra strong blue Superluminova.

Ressence Type 5G

Case: Microbilled grade 5 titanium. Two separate sealed chambers with the upper one filled with 37.5 ml of oil. Uni-directional bezel. • Diameter: 46mm • Thickness: 15.5mm • Glass: Domed sapphire crystals top and bottom with both sides anti-reflective coating • Water-resistance: 10 ATM / 100 meter • Total number of components: 324 • Price: approximately 31.500 Euro

Ressence Type 5G

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