Rebellion Le Mans 24 hours: de legende gaat door

One of the biggest spectacles in motorsports is without a doubt the 24 Hours endurance race at the French circuit of Le Mans. And Rebellion has for ever left its mark there. Ending on the first position on with its 2011 Le Mans Series LMP1 Team was only the start of that legacy. It ended first in every year since, until 2017. This is not a small feat, definitely if one takes the history of this independent brand into consideration.
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Wanneer horloges op auto’s lijken: deel II

Yesterday Part 1 of our insight report, today part II. People who like cars generally like watches and vice versa. The flowing simple design of a Ferrari 250 GTO can bring a car aficionado to tears. Same goes for a simple Patek Philippe Calatrava and a watch collector. But what happens when watch and car designs merge? Have you ever seen a car with the design of a watch?
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