Take a dive with the Seahunter 3 Wakmann Edition

Benno Richter created a diver watch with original Swiss ETA 2823-2 mechanism and if you want to add this timepiece to your sports collection now you have the chance to purchase it for a special price. Watch collectors watch the price of 599 euro (excl. VAT) and only 9 pieces are coming with hand engraved bottom. Interested? Dear to dive then.

In the past Benno Richter’s labeled watches of the Wakmann Germany collection were only sold to good friends and a very small circle of some special resellers. Well, since a few years the watches are also available for non “inner-circle” people. Good news for lovers of timepieces made by this wachmaker; known as Breitling-specialist Benno Richter. Moreover, these watches will also be available in the future and be a part of the collection of Wakmann Germany.

Personal control

Wakmann Germany watches are produced under maximum quality standards. Every single watch is regulated under severest control of Benno Richter in person. Only the best watches can pass the final control and get his approval for selling. Service and technical works are made at the engineer-buero of Benno Richter and controlled by himself. The Seahunter 3 diver watch with ETA 2824-2 mechanism has a 43 mm case made of 316l stainless steel and is 300m water resistant. The Swiss made watch is a limited edition by Benno Richter (Author of the History of Breitling) at the price of 599 EUR (excl. VAT) and only 9 pieces are available.

Labeled By Benno Richter

Benno Richter wrote the famous Breitling book and is internationally acknowledged as Breitling specialist with focus on high precision and quality. Wakmann Germany has a close solidarity with Breitling that started in the 60’s and 70’s. Benno Richter is advisor and technical leader, and is actively involved in development and manufacturing of Wakmann Germany watches. This is also de reason why some of the first new Wakmann Germany watches will be labeled “by Benno Richter”.

Simone Simon

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