Bukowskis auction house invests in a new watch department

Mikael Wallhagen (Left) And Tony Frank (Right) Are The New Watch Experts At Bukowskis

Tony Frank and Mikael Wallhagen, experts in everything to do with watches, were lured away from Kaplans to become the new watch experts at Bukowskis. In the spring they will be building the department with a view to becoming an important player in this field. The idea for the move arose during the recording of last season’s popular TV programme Antikrundan (comparable to the Antiques Roadshow in the UK), in which Mikael values watches.

“We wanted to take things a step further and were interested in Bukowskis’ network of customers, specialists and different branches, and felt that there were synergy effects that we could utilise. At the same time, it would give us the opportunity to develop our speciality,” explain the partners when 0024 WatchWorld meets them on their first working day at the new address.

Their first priority is going to be cataloguing; that is an essential aspect and must be perfect. They put the bar high in their last job and now they are getting stuck in on behalf of Bukowskis, both with regard to hammer auctions and Internet auctions. “Mikael Wallhagen and Tony Frank are among the top of the field in Scandinavia and thanks to their knowledge and extensive experience in this sector we can now present interesting auctions with exciting products. During the recruitment process we had a lot of inspiring conversations about the potential of watch auctions and how they can be developed,” comments the management at Bukowskis.

We suspect these two men have the best contacts in Scandinavia when it comes to buyers and sellers, and they let it be known that they are currently looking for quality watches from all traditional brands, like Rolex, Patek, IWC and many more.


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Britta Rossander

The author Britta Rossander

Britta Rossander was the first journalist in Sweden to write about watches and timekeeping. She takes care of everything that concerns this area and travels internationally to visit all the different watch manufacturers. She loves the job and says the business has so many interesting sides to explore. Britta is also a big fan of all the inventors in the watchmaking industry. Britta joined the our team at the start the 0024 Watchworld Scandinavia.