Montblanc’s mighty watch men: Ambassador Hugh Jackman

Montblanc’s brand ambassador Hugh Jackman

From idea to watch. This realisation is a process in which the CEO, the Watch Division Director, the Creative Director and the Ambassador step onto the stage and play a leading role with devotion, dedication and love. These past four years a lot has happened and changed at Montblanc when it comes to watches. 0024 WatchWorld talked to four initiators of these changes. In this fourth and last episode: Ambassador Hugh Jackman

If you want to pass on a watch to your children you’d better look after it carefully.

“Do you know how I was first introduced to watches? When I was still a child my father had a friend who collected watches and teddy bears. He always talked about his collections very passionately, like a kind of fervent professor who wants to get something across, share something important. By imparting his passion to me I now, as the ambassador for Montblanc, understand perfectly well what watch aficionados love, what they fall for, what they consider important. A watch represents the best combination of innovation and pure creativity and of course it’s also a highly personal item you wear on your body. The watch around your wrist tells a story; the story of the watch and the story of the person who chose that particular watch to serve as his or her personal companion. The way someone treats a watch also says a lot about the way people approach life. If you want to pass on a watch to your children you’d better look after it carefully. Incidentally, the love of teddy bears did not get a hold over me.

Hugh Jackman wears the 4810 Chronograph Automatic

The love of watches remained and continued to grow. It may have something to do with my love for the traditional things in life. For example, I still write real pen-and-paper letters to my parents – they are even more old-fashioned than I am (laughs) – and on special occasions I do the same with my wife. Incidentally, my father gave me my first Montblanc pen when I was still a child. My handwriting was truly abominable and I was able to convince him that my writing would be a lot more readable with a Montblanc. Of course that turned out to be totally untrue, but I did enjoy that pen.

The similarities between Montblanc and my acting profession are craftsmanship, dedication, innovation and passion. As an actor I want to continue improving. I do this with passion but also by using acting techniques. Furthermore, I want to continue challenging and reinventing myself, so I try different film genres and I do theatre, as well; I just don’t want to stand still. Montblanc never stands still, either. The company became successful by trying something new. And that pioneering spirit is still there. That appeals to me and is a good fit for me.”


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