Secrets of the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar


The most recent example of a German art of watchmaking that is as unmistakable as it is ambitious: The Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar, available worldwide this fall, cannot deny its origins. Originality and excellence – the effort to achieve exceptional performance – are two themes that have always been characteristic of Glashütte Original. They are also perfectly complementary objectives, as a glance through a watchmaker’s loupe at the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar reveals.

No complication is more closely associated with the brand than the renowned Panorama Date, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Since 1997 at Glashütte Original two numerical discs mounted concentrically on the same level ensure that the “big date” can be read at a glance, without interference from a vertical separation bar. On the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar, gently curved Arabic numerals, a background hue matching that of the dial and a stepped passe-partout window at 4 o’clock lend the popular display a stylish appearance.

This performs but one revolution in four years. There is reason enough for all this forethought: only once in four years does its single tooth lie precisely aligned with the February mark on the month disc below, assuming, as in punch card technology, something of its depth: exactly on February 29th in a leap year. As complex as the refined mechanics of the movement appear, it is remarkably easy to access the various functions. Discreet correctors on the case permit the individual adjustment of weekday, month and moon phase displays. The universal corrector makes it possible to adjust the day, date and month simultaneously – if necessary (thanks to the exceptional 100-hour power reserve the displays retain the correct configuration long after the owner has set the watch aside).

Excellent relatives: The Senator Excellence Family

The Perpetual Calendar is the most recent highlight of the steadily growing Senator Excellence family, available in a three-hand model, with Panorama Date, and with Panorama Date and moon phase complications. All models are equipped with the manufactory Calibre 36 and feature exceptional qualities in terms of precision, stability, running time and beauty. Their claim to quality is backed up by an exclusive certificate confirming that every single Senator Excellence has been subjected to an extremely demanding 24-day test cycle in the Saxon manufactory. A special engraving on the case back serves as a Seal of Quality for each watch. An exclusive online portal gives the owner access to comprehensive information regarding the testing procedures and individual test results for his watch. The Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar is available at Glashütte Original Boutiques worldwide and from the German watchmaker’s international retail partners.

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