I apologise if you think you have recently read the headliner before. Maybe because you recently read an article or press review of the new Piaget Polo S. A new watch that is named precisely that: The Game Changer. But what is a game changer in the watch world? Well, Piaget calls their new Polo S a game changer. Not only because it is their first watch of steel in decades. But also because the Polo S is priced very compatible compared to…well, pretty much any watch from Piaget the last ten years or so.

Of course steel is cheaper than any precious metals which explains why the Piaget Polo S three-hander is priced around € 10,000-. A price tag that most of us adults cannot recall any Piaget watch being offered at. But times have changed and Piaget knows that. Hence the Polo S made in steel. But why is an entry level steel Piaget needed now?

If you have an Instagram account and have an interest in horology, you probably follow a lot of profiles that concentrate on precisely that. And only a few years back you would probably be in awe when coming across an image of a gold watch adorned with diamonds everywhere. Maybe a chromed up Range Rover was in the background and a table top was full of keys for supercars. Like me you probably thought “Wow! That guy must be loaded” nodding enthusiastically while double tabbing on his images on Instagram and wanting to move to Dubai to be part of this abundance of OTT lifestyle.

Times have changed and the owner of the Instagram profile is by many (yours truly included) perceived as a guy who represents really bad taste. Today instead we look at an image of a guy flashing his new Rolex Submariner no-date, Omega Speedmaster or Grand Seiko and think “What a great and sensible choice. Clever guy”. Our reaction now shows that the loud watches and their owners especially are no longer perceived as positive social influencers. Instead of double tabbing their images we now tap to unfollow.

Certainly many a watch company has realised that the loud watches are not en vogue. Instead they are en vague. Which takes us back to the new trend of steel watches coming from watch companies otherwise known for precious metal watches.

Sales of precious metal watches suffered a steep decline in units sold, slumping more than 31 % in July from the same month a year earlier. Which explains why i.e. Piaget embraces the less luxurious yet very appealing material steel as a game changer. And as of yet the Piaget Polo S is not offered with diamonds on neither dial nor bezel. Another trend that is also embraced by yours truly.


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