Showing some muscle: DB28 GS De Bethune

With the DB28 GS De Bethune shows that they are not afraid to use strong design language. With respect to technology the DB28 GS is also a display of pure muscle. The hand-finished movement components are a pleasure to behold. In the atelier in L’Auberson the triangular bridge is polished smooth, the platine and other bridges are given a microlight decoration and the azure blue colour of the hands is achieved with a traditional heating technique.

All this is done with love, attention and the aim of achieving a unique result. Apart from the decoration, the specifications of the calibre DB2115 used in the watch are not to be sniffed at either. A double spring barrel guarantees a 6-day power reserve – displayed by an indicator at 3 o’clock – and the movement is highly shock resistant because it uses a triple parachute suspension. Three jewels connect the various components, which means that not only are shocks neutralised, the bridge is also kept in position in the case of sudden movements. Up close and from afar the DB28 GS De Bethune is a joy to watch and the people responsible for the design are David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet.

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Lex Stolk

The author Lex Stolk

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