Facts, feel and features: Alpina AlpinerX

Alpina AlpinerX
Alpina AlpinerX

Does Alpina need Kickstarter, the American crowdfunding website, to launch a new watch? We wouldn’t think so. The brand mainly used the site to get reactions to their latest project, the AlpinerX. Four variants will appear in the course of this year. We already tried the watch in a 14-days test.

AlpinerX is Alpina’s smartwatch answer for sporty outdoor use. During the hours at the design table, the brand had outdoor enthusiasts – especially climbers, hikers and backpackers – in mind. By just going to the gym or making indoor climbing you miss some great features because the watch has sensors that measure real time UV radiation, altitude, temperature and air pressure. Via Bluetooth the AlpinerX is an activity tracker, in contact with your phone there is a GPS function and the bi-directional bezel has a compass function. While being a quartz-hybrid the watch combines chronograph functions and hands with a hybrid part with smartwatch functions. These are also useful for athletes with less extreme activities: receiving Facebook or e-mail notifications on a home trainer is no problem. If you take it a bit more to the extreme, a long outdoor adventure shouldn’t be a problem because the battery lasts for two years.


  • 45mm case, black stainless steel with glass fiber
  • Glass: sapphire
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters
  • Rubber band
  • AL-283 movement
  • Battery with 2-year lifespan
  • Via Kickstater in the presale for € 450, after launch for almost the double


As non-frequent outdoor athletes we found especially the app of added value. This works clearly and you do not need days of practice before you know how it works. The watch is extremely comfortable and light around the wrist and gives you the feeling you wear a mechanical watch. A show-off round of friends did not immediately bring curiosity to the wrist, but with comments about the app, the reactions became enthusiastic. The general feeling: cool and comfortable wearing watch, and if you want to get the maximum out of it, you will also have to show sporty outdoor performance.


Analog and digital display for optimal readability. Barometer, a compass, an altimeter, temperature sensor, UV indicator. You can see activity and sleep data. (not showable on the display)


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