First and Second Practice of the F1 Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps with Rolex

Surrounded by a vast forest, on a quiet day, you wouldn’t even notice it was there… But when some of the most skilful F1-drivers we know, start using it as a practice area for mastering their mighty V6 engines, it’s rather hard to miss the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. The roaring engines and the up- and downshifting noise is one that embraces you. A sound that fills every fibre of your body, echoing back and forth between the woods. Maybe that’s why it is thé place for the Belgian Grand Prix F1 and said to be one of the most beautiful circuits in the world, with just over 7 km of challenges and fun. A Belgian monument that brought to many, victories to be proud of.

The circuit of Spa-Francorchamps is a circuit, that immediately should come to mind when talking about F1. And when thinking of F1, thinking of Rolex has become a natural thing to do, being a global partner and their official timepiece. Like rainy weather and Belgium. Former known as an established value in sports like Tennis and Golf, Rolex itself fitted in quite nicely in racing-sport, like a bespoke suit for the world of F1-racing. After all, this partnership brings together two global leading parties, sharing that same passion for performance, excellence and pushing limits. Enforcing Rolex’s engagement to the finest form of motorsports.

f1-belgian-gp-at-spa-francorchamps-with-rolex-02And as we all know, the Cosmograph Daytona is a model, unmistakeably part of that racing-bond/history Rolex has. This model, good for more than fifty years of innovation, is the perfect wrist watch for every racing-professional (or enthusiast for that matter). The new Cosmograph Daytona, is presented with a five-year warranty and a green seal saying ‘Superlative Certified’. This means that it is tested, by Rolex itself, beyond the usual standards applied in watchmaking and after casing and full assembly. Making this wrist watch the undisputed ‘king of speed’ of all chronographs, exceeding in terms of precision. Good for more than twice what is required of an official chronometer. Mind though, this bond might be as strong as ever before but the F1-driving skills are not included when you buy one of their watches.

At the paddock Club

This attention to performance and accuracy, proves that Rolex is in its natural habitat, working along with F1, where it belongs. Therefore, at the paddock Club at Spa-Francorchamps, Rolex provided an oasis of racing pedigree, where the racing-history of the Daytona model was explained magnificently. From Sir Malcolm Campbell and the early vintage models, to ‘mister Le Mans’, Tom Kristensen and the brand new models. On a quiet day, really much a do about nothing if you aim to excel your wildest dreams, but when those engines roar for their drivers before breaking in to the corner, you feel like your part of a true masterpiece of scenery. For an even greater piece of brand-partnership.

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